If you are a luminaire manufacturer or brand owner, MaxLite OEM can be your provider of light source and general lighting solutions to suit your individual product needs.

As a MaxLite OEM customer, you gain the benefits of working with a lighting industry leader for over 25 years with a vast network of resources. MaxLite’s OEM team has many years of experience in all aspects of the lighting business and can provide individual solutions to fit your business needs. Whether you need light sources to package with your luminaires, private label product solutions, or customized lighting products, MaxLite can provide you the solution for your needs.

Benefits of working with MaxLite as your OEM solutions provider:

Deal directly with MaxLite
As a MaxLite OEM customer, you always have direct contact with MaxLite customer support, and never have to go through a distributor.

Product Delivery and Sales Support in China or USA
MaxLite can supply you with products in China from our China factories, or in the United States from one of our three warehouses (New Jersey, Indiana and California). We offer excellent customer support through our China offices and U.S. support teams. Additionally, we have direct sales support through our MaxLite China offices.

Complete Line of Certified Efficient Solutions, including California Compliance, DLC, and ENERGY STAR®
MaxLite maintains one of the industry’s largest offerings of third-party certified lighting solutions. Certifications include ENERGY STAR, Certified Subcomponent Database (CSD), JA8, Title 20, DLC, and others. Certified solutions are available in in lamps, modules, light engines, and retrofit kits.

Over 25 years of Reliable Performance and Expertise
MaxLite has been committed to providing energy efficient lighting products since 1993, and was one of the first movers into LED technology in the industry. MaxLite products have a history of performance and reliability, and have earned the respect of engineers, designers, architects, facility managers and related professionals worldwide.

Our Products
MaxLite supports its products with the highest standards of quality assurance and customer support. Most MaxLite LED products are certified by ENERGY STAR® and DesignLights Consortium® (DLC), rendering them eligible for utility rebate programs. MaxLite also offers a large selection of lamps and luminaires that meet California Title 24 requirements. We keep our products in stock and available for immediate purchase and delivery, shipping within the United States in one to three business days on standard orders.


Chris Primous
VP OEM Sales and Industry Relations
Phone: 862-485-9878

Alexander Shen
Dir of Sales, MaxLite China
C: 862-485-9878
Phone (off): 86-769-87380921 EXT 806
Phone(m): 86-134-3122 9885
Room #601 Minghui Building, #5 West Lucheng Road, Qingxi Town,
Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. 523660.