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The easy-to-use ROI calculator will help you navigate through the switch to MaxLite's LED and other energy efficient lighting products for your retrofit project. Calculate the time to payback and savings over the life of your new lamp or fixture by filling in your existing and new MaxLite product and the corresponding application details.

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  Factors Existing   MaxLite  
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     Custom Wattage      
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  Lamp/Fixture Price *    
     Rebate on Lamp/Fixture    
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  Electricity Cost Per kWh *  
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     Dimming Level Percentage  
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**Assumes new construction, if completing a retrofit calculation, please change the cost of the existing lamp/fixture to $0
  Time Until Payback    
  Total Energy Savings Over the Life of the MaxLite Lamp/Fixture    
  Total Savings Over the Life of the MaxLite Lamp/Fixture