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UL Type A Direct Fit U-Bend T8


A plug-and-play replacement for fluorescent tubes, DirectFit LED U-bend Lamps operate off a fixture's existing ballast, without any extra labor or rewiring. Suitable for use in totally enclosed, bi-pin socketed luminaires, such as 2-by-2 foot T8 U-bend fluorescent fixtures, the 13- or 16-watt replacement lamps feature a compact light engine that delivers 1,800 lumens using an extra wide, 320-degree beam angle. An integral driver is stored within the tube's cap to optimize thermal performance and eliminate dark spots, allowing for bright, even illumination to run continuously from end to end of the U-shaped tube.

DirectFit U-bend Lamps are compatible with most instant-start T8 ballasts.

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U13T8DF235 2 FT 13 32W T8 FL 1800.0 3500 120-277 DLC
U13T8DF240 2 FT 13 32W T8 FL 1850.0 4000 120-277 DLC
U13T8DF250 2 FT 13 32W T8 FL 1900.0 5000 120-277 DLC
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