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Puck Lamp


The Puck Lamp is a uniquely compact, high-lumen LED light source rated for use in enclosed fixtures such as closet lights, ceiling fans and outdoor porch lights. Available in GU24 and E26 bases, the Puck delivers more than 800 lumens, equivalent to the light from a 60W incandescent lamp, from a source about the size of a hockey puck. Dimmable and non-dimmable models are available.

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E10PUCGUD927/JA8 10 60W INC 800.0 2700 ≥90 GU24 Title_20, JA8-2016 / JA8-2019
E10PUCGUD930/JA8 10 60W INC 800.0 3000 ≥90 GU24 Title_20, JA8-2016 / JA8-2019
10CPUAGULED30 10 60W INC 1000.0 3000 ≥80 GU24
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