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PhotonMax Horticulture LED Linear Lights


The PhotonMAX Horticulture LED LINEAR LIGHT delivers powerful lighting in a sleek form factor, ideal for supplemental and sole source applications. Designed for maximum utilization of natural light in greenhouse applications, as well as high intensity vertical farming crops, the linear light provides an extraordinary blend of performance, high output and photon efficacy for greenhouse and indoor growers of all crop types. Growers can choose from three spectra options to target the specific plant morphological responses needed for their application. A lightweight, linkable design and multiple mounting options offers ease of installation for large-scale use.

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PH-LI200HBPBX-W 347-480 491 2.5 BPBX
PH-LI300HBPRX-W 347-480 761 2.6 BPRX
PH-LI200UBPBX-W 120-277 491 2.6 BPBX
PH-LI200UBPRX-W 200 120-277 491 2.6 BPRX
PH-LI200UFSRX-W 200 120-277 533 2.7 FSRX
PH-LI300HBPBX-W 347-480V 679 2.4 BPBX
PH-LI300UBPBX-W 300 120-277V 679 2.4 BPBX
PH-LI300UBPRX-W 300 120-277 761 2.5 BPRX
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