Order# 105568
  • Individually control luminaires: 1 sensor per luminaire
  • Grouping: daisy chain wiring - up to 8 luminaires
  • High Trim: Ability to set a maximum light level. Allows for high level of energy savings
  • Occupancy sensing (Microwave or PIR): Regulate lighting based on detection of people
  • Bi-level dimming: Ability to set different set points for dimming levels
  • Photocell control (Outdoor Luminaires): Luminaire turns on/off based on ft candle
  • Save sensor settings: 4 memory banks
  • Daylight harvesting: Regulate lighting in response to changing daylight. Continuous adjustment mode
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Voltage (V)   12V DC
Min. Ambient Temp (°F)   -30
Max. Ambient Temp (°F)   131
Lumen Maintenance
Warranty (Years)   5
Data Sheet   Download
Product Weight (lbs.)   0.03
Product Height (Inches)   0.79
Product Length (Inches)   1.91
Product Width (Inches)   0.85
Pieces per Carton   100