Lighting has a tremendous influence on the look and feel of a room. The right illumination can enhance the drama of an entranceway, make a living room cozier or transform an ordinary backyard into an oasis. Whether it’s to make daily chores a little brighter or evenings more relaxing, MaxLite offers a complete line of energy-efficient LED lamps and fixtures to set the right mood in every area of the home, inside and out.

Our residential products include recessed cans, ceiling fixtures, replacement lamps and outdoor luminaires all designed to increase the quality of light and lower energy bills for homeowners. MaxLite LED products offer many benefits over incandescent and CFL bulbs. Not only are they more durable and much longer lasting (up to 100,000 hours), they are free of mercury and do not emit ultraviolet or infared rays during operation. LEDs also do not burn out (they become dimmer after their lifetime).

The ENERGY STAR Advantage

MaxLite offers ENERGY STAR certified luminaires and replacement lamps in a variety of shapes and sizes for any application — including recessed cans, track lighting, table lamps, and more. To earn the ENERGY STAR label, our lamps and luminaires have been independently certified and undergone extensive testing to assure that they will save energy and perform as promised. Upgrading to ENERGY STAR qualified LED light sources can significantly reduce operating, maintenance and cooling costs for homeowners. ENERGY STAR qualified LED lamps:

• Use 70-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs
• Save homeowners $30 to $80 in energy bills
• Provide the same brightness (lumens) with less energy (watts)
• Last 10 to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs
• Help protect the environment and prevent climate change